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Surplus Lines Class Codes

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Accident and HealthOther - Accident and Health AH00
Accident and HealthAccidental Death AH01
Accident and HealthAir Crew Personal Accident AH02
Accident and HealthAthletes, Celebrities & Show Business Personalities AH03
Accident and HealthAviation Accident AH04
Accident and HealthJockeys AH05
Automobile Liability Other - Automobile Liability AL00
Automobile Liability Ambulance Service AL01
Automobile Liability Bus or Livery AL02
Automobile Liability Butane, Propane Hauling AL03
Automobile Liability Drive Away AL04
Automobile Liability Driving School AL05
Automobile Liability Excess Limits AL06
Automobile Liability Explosive Hauling AL07
Automobile Liability Garbage/Refuse Trucks AL08
Automobile Liability Go Carts/Midget Autos AL09
Automobile Liability Heavy Equipment Dealers AL10
Automobile Liability Long Haul Truckers AL11
Automobile Liability Mexican Vehicles AL12
Automobile Liability Monoline Hired/Non-owned auto AL13
Automobile Liability New Ventures AL14
Automobile Liability Racing AL15
Automobile Liability Sand/Gravel Haulers AL16
Automobile Liability Taxicabs AL17
Automobile Liability Used Car Dealers AL18
Automobile Liability Wreckers/Tow Trucks/Repo Operations AL19
Automobile Physical Damage Other - Automobile Physical Damage AP00
Automobile Physical Damage Antique or Classic Automobiles AP01
Automobile Physical Damage Automobile Rental -- Short Form AP02
Automobile Physical Damage Butane, Propane Hauling AP03
Automobile Physical Damage Drive Away AP04
Automobile Physical Damage Go Carts/Midget Autos AP05
Automobile Physical Damage Heavy Equipment Dealers AP06
Automobile Physical Damage Leased Motor Vehicles AP07
Automobile Physical Damage Long Haul Trucks & Trailers AP08
Automobile Physical Damage Mexican Vehicles AP09
Automobile Physical Damage New Ventures AP10
Automobile Physical Damage Racing AP11
Automobile Physical Damage Used Car Dealers AP12
Aviation LiabilityOther - Aviation Liability AVL00
Aviation LiabilityAir Ambulances AVL01
Aviation LiabilityAir Meets & Special Events AVL02
Aviation LiabilityAntique Aircraft AVL03
Aviation LiabilityBalloon -- Hot Air & Gas AVL04
Aviation LiabilityCharter Services AVL05
Aviation LiabilityChemical Spray and/or Drift AVL06
Aviation LiabilityExcess Limits AVL07
Aviation LiabilityExperimental Aircraft AVL08
Aviation LiabilityFixed Base Operations AVL09
Aviation LiabilityHanger Keepers Legal Liability AVL10
Aviation LiabilityHelicopters AVL11
Aviation LiabilityHijacking AVL12
Aviation LiabilityParachute Clubs & Skydiving AVL13
Aviation LiabilitySlung Cargo, Liability AVL14
Aircraft Physical Damage Other - Aircraft Physical Damage AVPD00
Aircraft Physical Damage Antique Aircraft AVPD01
Aircraft Physical Damage Balloon -- Hot Air & Gas AVPD02
Aircraft Physical Damage Charter Service AVPD03
Aircraft Physical Damage Chemical Spray and/or Drift AVPD04
Aircraft Physical Damage Crop Dusters AVPD05
Aircraft Physical Damage Excess Limits AVPD06
Aircraft Physical Damage Helicopters AVPD07
Fire and Allied LinesOther - Fire and Allied Lines FA00
Fire and Allied LinesAir Supported Structures FA01
Fire and Allied LinesAmusement Parks & Carnivals FA02
Fire and Allied LinesBars & Taverns FA03
Fire and Allied LinesCyber or Electronic Media Risks FA23
Fire and Allied LinesDevelopmentally Disabled Resident Services & Day Care Centers FA04
Fire and Allied LinesEarthquake & Flood FA05
Fire and Allied LinesExplosive Manufacturing or Storage & Sales FA06
Fire and Allied LinesFraternity or Sorority Houses FA07
Fire and Allied LinesGreenhouses -- Wind and Hail FA08
Fire and Allied LinesGeneral Contractors, Owners, Developers, Paper Contractors or Subcontractors (builders risk and course of construction) FA24
Fire and Allied LinesHabitational Risks - Apartments FA09A
Fire and Allied LinesHabitational Risks - Condominiums FA09B
Fire and Allied LinesHabitational Risks - Dwellings One to Four Family FA09C
Fire and Allied LinesHabitational Risks - Hotels/Motels FA09D
Fire and Allied LinesHabitational Risks - All Other FA09E
Fire and Allied LinesHay in Open or Barns FA10
Fire and Allied LinesHeavy Equipment Dealers FA11
Fire and Allied LinesMattress Manufacturing FA12
Fire and Allied LinesMedical Marijuana Dispensaries/Grow Facilities FA25
Fire and Allied LinesMunicipalities FA13
Fire and Allied LinesNew Ventures FA14
Fire and Allied LinesNuclear Energy Property FA15
Fire and Allied LinesPlastic Manufacturing and Sales FA16
Fire and Allied LinesRestaurants FA17
Fire and Allied LinesSchool Districts FA18
Fire and Allied LinesSeasonal Dwellings FA19
Fire and Allied LinesTrade Name Restoration or Product Contamination FA20
Fire and Allied LinesUsed Car Dealers FA21
Fire and Allied LinesVacant Buildings FA22
General Liability Other - General Liability GL00
General Liability Adult Day Care Centers GL01
General Liability Air Meets GL02
General Liability Alcohol/Drug Rehabilitation Centers/Programs GL03
General Liability Amusement Parks & Carnivals (Including Rides & Devices) GL04
General Liability Anhydrous Ammonia Dealers/Haulers/Applicators GL05
General Liability Animal Rides GL06
General Liability Auto Parts Manufacturing GL07
General Liability Automobile Wrecking Yards GL08
General Liability Building Demolition GL09
General Liability Building, Manufactured Housing Moving GL10
General Liability Camps -- Athletic, Seasonal, Rehabilitative, Social Services GL11
General Liability Child Care Day Centers GL12
General Liability Collapse Hazard (XCU) Contractors GL13
General Liability Crane Rentals GL14
General Liability Dentists GL15
General Liability Detective/Private Investigation Agencies GL16
General Liability Developmentally Disabled Residents & Day Care Centers GL17
General Liability Dude Ranches GL18
General Liability Environmental Exposures GL19
General Liability Excess Limits - Following Form Excess GL20A
General Liability Excess Limits - Umbrella GL20B
General Liability Exercise/Health Clubs/Spas/Fitness Centers GL21
General Liability Exhibitions/Concerts GL22
General Liability Explosion Hazard or Blasting Contractors GL23
General Liability Explosive Manufacturing GL24
General Liability Fairgrounds/Fairs GL25
General Liability Fire Suppression Systems and/or Alarm Systems (Including Installation, Service GL26
General Liability Firearms Liability, Gunsmithing, Ammunition Reloading GL27
General Liability Fraternities/Sororities GL28
General Liability Fuel Tank Testers GL29
General Liability Garbage/Refuse Trucks GL30
General Liability General Contractors/ Paper Contractors/Developers GL31
General Liability Go Cart Trucks GL32
General Liability Ground Applicators (Chemical) GL33
General Liability Group Homes GL34
General Liability Habitational Risks - Apartments GL35A
General Liability Habitational Risks - Condominiums GL35B
General Liability Habitational Risks - Dwellings One to Four Family GL35C
General Liability Habitational Risks - Hotels/Motels GL35D
General Liability Habitational Risks - All Other GL35E
General Liability Halfway Houses GL36
General Liability Heavy Equipment Dealers GL37
General Liability Heavy Equipment Repair GL38
General Liability Homeowner Associations (Developer Controlled) GL39
General Liability Homes for the Aged, Mentally or Physically Handicapped GL40
General Liability Horse Boarding/Stables GL41
General Liability Horse Drawn Carriage Rides GL42
General Liability Horse Shows GL43
General Liability Hospices GL44
General Liability Hospitals GL45
General Liability Karate, Tai-Kwon-Do GL46
General Liability Lead Paint Remediation's GL47
General Liability Liquefied Petroleum Dealers GL48
General Liability Liquor Liability GL49
General Liability Loggers Property Damage Liability GL50
General LiabilityMedical Marijuana Dispensaires/Grow Facilities GL92
General Liability Mining GL51
General Liability Municipalities GL52
General Liability New Ventures GL53
General Liability Nuclear Energy GL54
General Liability Nutraceuticals/Dietary Supplements GL55
General Liability Nurse Registries GL56
General Liability Nursing Homes GL57
General Liability Outfitters & Guides & Whitewater Rafters GL58
General Liability Participant Liability Exposures GL59
General Liability Pawn Shops GL60
General Liability Pest Control Applicators GL61
General Liability Police Officers GL62
General Liability Pollution/ Contamination GL63
General Liability Physicians & Surgeons GL64
General Liability Products Recall Coverage GL65
General Liability Radio & TV Broadcasters & Producers GL66
General Liability Railroad Protection GL67
General Liability Recreational Vehicles/ ATV's / Jet Ski's / Snowmobiles GL68
General Liability Recycling Centers GL69
General Liability Rental Facilities GL70
General Liability Rodeos GL71
General Liability Roofers GL72
General Liability Sand/Gravel Haulers GL73
General Liability School Districts GL74
General Liability Security Guards GL75
General Liability Senior Citizen Centers GL76
General Liability Shooting Ranges GL77
General Liability Short Term Special Events GL78
General Liability Skating Rinks (Roller, Ice, Skateboard, Rollerblade) GL79
General Liability Snow Ski Operations GL80
General LiabilitySolar Electric Installation/Generation - Commercial GL93
General Liability Spectator Liability GL81
General Liability Tanning Salons GL82
General Liability Tattoo/ Body Art Parlors GL83
General Liability Taverns/ Bars (Including Liquor Liability) GL84
General Liability Transportation of Senior Citizens GL85
General Liability Tree Trimming GL86
General Liability Tunneling & Excavation GL87
General Liability Underground Hazard (XCU) Contractors GL88
General Liability Vacant Buildings or Lots GL89
General Liability Welding Operations GL90
General LiabilityWindo Power Electric Installation/Generation - Commercial GL94
General Liability Wreckers/Tow Trucks/Repo Operations GL91
Inland Marine Other - Inland Marine IM00
Inland Marine Boats of all types IM01
Inland Marine Bridges IM02
Inland Marine Cargo IM03
Inland Marine Coin Dealers IM04
Inland MarineCyber or Electronic Media Risks IM12
Inland Marine Fine Arts or Personal Articles IM05
Inland Marine Heavy Equipment Dealers IM06
Inland Marine Jewelers Block IM07
Inland Marine Jewelry (High Values) IM08
Inland Marine Mining Equipment IM09
Inland Marine Tunneling Equipment IM10
Inland Marine Water Pumping Equipment IM11
Miscellaneous Special Lines Other - Miscellaneous Special Lines MS00
Miscellaneous Special Lines Asbestos (All Coverage) MS01
Miscellaneous Special Lines Difference In Condition MS02
Miscellaneous Special Lines Hole-In-One Insurance MS03
Miscellaneous Special Lines International Exposure MS04
Miscellaneous Special Lines Kidnap & Ransom MS05
Miscellaneous Special LinesMonoline Crime for Cyber or Electronic Media Risks MS10
Miscellaneous Special Lines Mortality (Livestock & Pets) MS06
Miscellaneous Special Lines Patent/ Copyright/ Trademark Infringement MS07
Miscellaneous Special Lines Rain MS08
Miscellaneous Special Lines Short Term Events MS09
Professional Liability/Malpractice Other - Professional Liability/Malpractice PL00
Professional Liability/Malpractice Accountants PL01
Professional Liability/Malpractice Actuaries PL02
Professional Liability/Malpractice Adult Day Care or Home Health Care PL03
Professional Liability/Malpractice Ambulance Personnel/ EMT (Monoline) PL04
Professional Liability/Malpractice Architects PL05
Professional Liability/Malpractice Blood/ Plasma Banks PL06
Professional Liability/Malpractice Charter Schools PL07
Professional Liability/Malpractice Clinical Laboratories PL08
Professional Liability/Malpractice Collection for Drug Testing PL09
Professional Liability/Malpractice Computer Consultants PL10
Professional Liability/Malpractice Consumer Programs PL11
Professional Liability/MalpracticeCyber or Electronic Media Risks PL37
Professional Liability/Malpractice Drug Testing Laboratories PL12
Professional Liability/Malpractice Employment Practices Liability PL13
Professional Liability/Malpractice Engineers PL14
Professional Liability/Malpractice Environmental Consultants PL15
Professional Liability/Malpractice Foster Care Agencies PL16
Professional Liability/Malpractice Halfway Houses PL17
Professional Liability/Malpractice Healing Arts/ Alternative Medicine PL18
Professional Liability/Malpractice Investment Advisors PL19
Professional Liability/Malpractice Lawyers Professional Liability PL20
Professional Liability/Malpractice Medical Labs/ Blood Labs PL21
Professional Liability/Malpractice Medical Malpractice Liability - Chiropractors PL22A
Professional Liability/Malpractice Medical Malpractice Liability - Dentists PL22B
Professional Liability/Malpractice Medical Malpractice Liability - Hospitals PL22C
Professional Liability/Malpractice Medical Malpractice Liability - Nurses PL22D
Professional Liability/Malpractice Medical Malpractice Liability - Physicians and Surgeons PL22E
Professional Liability/Malpractice Medical Malpractice Liability - All Other PL22F
Professional Liability/Malpractice Midwives PL23
Professional Liability/Malpractice Nurse Registers PL24
Professional Liability/Malpractice Nursing Homes - Skilled or Intermediate Care PL25A
Professional Liability/Malpractice Nursing Homes - Assisted Living with Care PL25B
Professional Liability/Malpractice Nursing Homes - Rest Homes with Care PL25C
Professional Liability/Malpractice Nursing Homes - Personal Care Facilities PL25D
Professional Liability/Malpractice Nursing Homes - Continuing Care Retirement PL25E
Professional Liability/Malpractice Nursing Homes - Convalescent Homes with continuous home PL25F
Professional Liability/Malpractice Nursing Homes - Any other Adult Extended Care Facility PL25G
Professional Liability/Malpractice Officers & Directors/ Public Officials PL26
Professional Liability/Malpractice Property Management PL27
Professional Liability/Malpractice Psychologists/ Sociologists/ Counselors PL28
Professional Liability/Malpractice Real Estate Agents/ Brokers PL29
Professional Liability/Malpractice Real Estate Appraisers PL30
Professional Liability/Malpractice Residential Home Inspectors PL31
Professional Liability/Malpractice Risk Managers PL32
Professional Liability/Malpractice School Board Legal Liability PL33
Professional Liability/Malpractice Social Services Agencies PL34
Professional Liability/Malpractice Surveyors PL35
Professional Liability/MalpracticTitle Agents/Abstractors PL38
Professional Liability/Malpractice X-Ray Specialists/ Technicians PL36
Products Other - Products PROD00
Products Aircraft & Aircraft Parts Manufacturing PROD01
Products Ammunition Reloading & Firearms PROD02
Products Amusement Rides/ Devises (Manufacturing, Installation & Repair) PROD03
Products Automobile and Parts Manufacturing PROD04
Products Discontinued Products PROD05
Products Explosive Manufacturing PROD06
Products Fuel Tank Testers PROD07
Products Heavy Equipment Manufacturing/ Repair PROD08
Products Medical Equipment PROD09
Products Monoline Product Liability PROD10
Products New Products Liability PROD11
Products Nutraceuticals/ Dietary Supplements PROD12
Products Pest Control Applicators PROD13
Products Pharmaceutical Manufactures & Distributors PROD14
Products Plastic Manufacturing PROD15
Products Playground Equipment (Manufacturing, Installation & Repair) PROD16
Products Roofers PROD17
Products Sporting Goods Manufacturing PROD18
Products Tire Recapping PROD19
Products Tobacco Related Products PROD20
Products Toy Manufacturing PROD21